User Registration


An invitation will be sent to the new user from the Scytale platform. The user will receive an email to activate their account (attached below).


Once the user clicks the "Confirm" button in the email, they will need to fill in their personal details: First name, Last name, and Job title.


Once the user clicks on the "next" button, they will be required to set a password according to the following rules.

The password must contain at least:

  • 10 characters

  • Lower case letters

  • Upper case letters

  • Number

  • Special character

The user needs to input the password again in the "Repeat Password" field and click the “Create account” button.


After choosing a password and confirming it, the user will be able to log in on the Scytale Platform. The user has 2 options to log in:

  1. Username and password.

  2. Google account (Single Sign-On)

After Activation

After you have set up your account. As an admin for your account, you will need to determine who from the organization will need to be added.