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Invite a new member

Learn how to invite new members to Scytale

Who should be invited to the account?

Invite members from your organization who are involved in audit preparation or compliance processes to join the Scytale platform. These members may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Information Security Team Lead (Technical)

  • Engineering and Development Manager

  • Head of IT (CISO, CTO, etc.)

  • DevOps Team Lead

  • Product Architect

  • Compliance Lead

How to invite a new member?

There are two options, choose your way:

1. Through the User Management page: 

  1. Click on your avatar on the right up corner
  2. Click on the User Management
  3. Click on the Add User button

  4. Fill in the email address

Choose the User Role according to the description below:
  • Admin - users who manage the project

  • Team members - business owners who participate in the project

2. While you assign an owner

For each item in the platform, there is an owner. For example, policy document, control in the control list in an Audit, or critical system in the Access review.

While you trying to assign an owner and can't find the one, you can invite a user directly from the list of users.

At the bottom of the list, click on the "Invite a new member" button.

The Invite window will be open. Fill in the details as described above (User Management section).




1. Don't see the User Management screen?

It's available only for Admin users. Contact the admin of the system to invite users.

2. Want to invite an Auditor?

Contact Scytale and we'll do it for you.

3. Get an error?

If the email address is already registered in Scytale, this action will not be available.