Monday - User Guide

In this article, you will understand step by step how to easily integrate with Monday

Integrating with Monday will streamline the auditing of the change management process and ensure an accurate and complete list of changes will be received for auditing purposes.  The list of all changes is the starting point for the auditor when testing the change management criteria.

This integration will only export and track all change request tickets that are relevant to the audit i.e. only the relevant board's change request tickets will be extracted. In addition, the extracted data will show if the relevant ticket is linked to the source control pull request. This extraction process is automated by Scytale.

Before connecting, please read the following notes:

💡Connect to Monday only if you manage the development board through this integration. Currently, other boards (e.g. HR, Vendors/Risks, etc.) will not be collected.

💡If you manage multiple boards for development, you can connect to one board in each connection, and if you want to add more boards, you can add more connections in the integration sidebar.

How to connect Monday integration?

Step 1: Install Monday application

  • Click on the "Integrations" menu screen to the left.
  • Click on the "Connect" button under the Monday icon.
  • Connection Name - is used to differentiate between your connections.
    For instance, if you manage multiple accounts or would like to connect multiple times to the integration. It's automatically titled (Connection 1,2,3 etc), but you can change it to a custom name to make it easier to identify.
    For example: scytale-production-env.
  • Click on "Next".
  • Click on the link as indicated in the screenshot below, which will direct the user to install the Scytale app on the Monday app (It is recommended to open the link in a new tab in the browser).

  • Select "All Workspaces".
  • Click on "Install". 

  • After clicking on install, return to the Scytale app connection window from where you started the integration process.

Step 2: Grant permission to Scytale's integration 

  • In order to authorize Scytale permissions, click "Connect" to be redirected to Monday's page. 
  • Click on "Authorize" after reviewing the list of permissions.

Step 3: User selection

  • In order to retrieve your board data accurately and completely, you will need to choose your column definitions. 
    Note: these selections are crucial to retrieve the correct board data.
  • Selection 1 - "Select board".
    • Only the development board can be selected. 


  • Selection 2 -  "Select the status column that defines the ticket as completed".
    • As we collect only completed tickets, you should select the relevant column that defines the item as completed.

  • Selection 3 - "Select the final status of the completed tickets".
    • Since this is a custom field, you should select what defined the item as a completed ticket

  • Selection 4 - "Select the pull request column name (if applicable)".
    • If you have a column dedicated to the pull request, you can select that column, and we'll display the pull request URL connected to the item. 
      If not, select the following option: "There is no dedicated column for pull requests"
    • Note: It is recommended to have a dedicated column to link the pull request.

  • Then, click on "Confirm".
  • Successful connection pop-up. 

💡Would you like to connect to another development board?

  • Go to the integration page. 
  • Click on the "Monday" integration box.
  • The integration sidebar will be opened. 
  • Click on the +Add connection - a new connection window will be opened and you can connect the new board data under the same evidence. 

Permissions for the integration with Monday:
The permissions give access to read and collect the tickets on Monday in the relevant boards you have chosen, and the ability to fetch the items and display them as evidence.