Justworks - User Guide

In this article, you will understand step by step how to easily integrate with Justworks

Integrating with Justworks will allow Scytale to collect all the information about your employees on Justworks. This will help to ensure that only appropriate users will have access and also ensure that terminated employees have their access removed from the relevant systems. This is one of the key criteria when testing logical access.


Manually collecting this type of evidence can take some time, especially when you need to prove to the auditors that the HR listings are complete and accurate.

Automating the collection of HR listings will streamline the audit's sampling process and provide more assurance over the accuracy and completeness of the evidence collected. By using this integration, human intervention is eliminated, which gives more assurance to the auditors that the evidence can be relied on.


How to connect Justworks integration?


Log in to Scytale web app

  • Click on the "Integrations" menu screen to the left.

  • Click on the "Connect" button under the Justworks icon.

  • Write your login details - User ID and password for Justworks.

  • The user account must have administrator privileges.

  • Click on submit.



Permissions for the integration with Justworks:

Scytale uses read-only permissions to collect employee information relevant to the audit. Scytale will have access to employee details, but not perform any actions.
For every employee, we collect their hiring and termination date, job title, and employment type.