Jira Issue Tracking - User Guide

In this article, you will understand step by step how to easily integrate with Jira


Permissions for API actions are inherited from the creator of the key. The permissions scope are:

  • read:jira-work
  • read:jira-user
  • read:permission:jira
  • manage:jira-configuration
  • manage:jira-project


The user creating an API token needs Jira Administrator permissions to access workflow data. The Org Admin, who is the default owner in your organization, or a user with Product admin permissions can create the token. You can assign these permissions as needed.
  • Navigate to the users directory in Atlassian Administration and select the user you want to assign the role to.

  • Click on Grant access.

  • Select Product admin under Jira Administration, and then click Grant access.

2. You should define at least one Done status in your workflows. Scytale only collects resolved tickets from Jira, so without any resolution (green) status in your workflow, it will be unable to collect any tickets.

2.1 Ensure that the Resolution is set to the correct value when transitioning to a resolution state. For instance, when transitioning the ticket to a Done status, the Resolution should also be set to Done. Here's how you can verify it.
    • Go to Edit menu of the workflow
    • Click on the transition to resolution status and on the Post Functions


    • Make sure the Resolution is set to a proper value when issue is being moved to resolution status


Connecting Scytale & Jira

1. Generate API token in Jira

1. To create API tokens, click on the below link: https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/security/api-tokens
2. Click on "Create API token" button


3. Enter token name and click “Create”


4. Copy the token and save it in a notepad for safekeeping


2. Set up the connection in Scytale

1. In Scytale menu, navigate to the "integrations" page
2. Click on Connect Jira Issue Tracking
3. Fill in the fields:
3.1  API Toke - Paste the API token you created
3.2 Domain URL - Paste you domain url, to get it you can go to your Jira and copy the part of url that goes before “jira”, it should look like this: https://scytalemodel.atlassian.net

3.3 Email - Enter the email address of the Jira user who generated the API token

4. Add a name for the connection
5. Click on Connect

    6. Select the Jira projects that are relevant to the audit. The closed tickets will be collected automatically by Scytale.

    Note: if you don't select projects, the connection will not be completed and we cannot collect evidence.


    7. Click Confirm


    1. While connecting you may get such error:

    Steps to resolve:

    • Go to Project settings → Workflows → diagram





    • Ensure that you have at least one Done status defined for at least one of your workflows. It should have green color on the diagram. 



    • If you have an issue after successful connection (for example data is not being collected) you can test your connection in the Scytale web app. It may reveal the reason of the issue, for example if you don’t have any resolved tickets in your project(s).

    2. If you have an issue after successful connection (for example data is not being collected) you can test your connection in the Scytale application.