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How to Import User List From Critical Systems

Easily import your user list by uploading a CSV file to the Access Reviews page

Importing a critical system user list serves as a customized list when no integration is available, enabling the User Access Review to proceed automatically.

How to import users? 

  • We've created a template people list. Download it and it fill in by clicking on "Download template".
  • Fill in the required columns in the template.

 Template Example


  • The username can be either an email address or a username depending on the tool. 
  • If a user has multiple roles, you should separate them with commas and add quotation marks in the roles field. Example: "role1, role2"
  • The template must be comma-separated values (CSV) file.

  • Upload your newly created people list by clicking on "Select file".
  • Upload a screenshot for IPE, in order to verify the people list. The screenshot should include the number of people in your organization along with a timestamp. You can find more information about IPE here.
    • IPE screenshot example:
  • The evidence you provide as part of the import process or collected by integrations is automatically linked to the relevant control in the audit.

  • System name - Give the system a name so you can identify it on the list of systems. 

  • Click on "Upload" to complete the import process.
  • If your files are valid, the people list will be successfully imported and the list will be pulled into the Access Reviews page.
  • In case of any errors, click on "View Errors", make the necessary corrections, and try again.