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How to Import a People List?

Easily import your People list by uploading a CSV file

The People Management page serves as the source of truth for the company's people list in the User Access Review. It streamlines data collection and keeps employee information up-to-date. 

How to import a file?

  • We've created a template people list. Download it and fill it in by clicking on "Download template".
  • Fill in the required columns in the template. 

 Template Example


  • The unique identifier could be an employee ID defined to each employee, or their work email like in the email column. This identifier is essential for distinguishing between employees for Scytale's use.
  • The date structure (hiring date and termination date) can be either YYYY-MM-DD or DD/MM/YYYY.
  • The employee status must be Active or Inactive.
  • Upload your newly created people list by clicking on "Select file".

  • Upload a screenshot for IPE, in order to verify the people list. The screenshot should include the number of people in your organization along with a timestamp. You can find more information about IPE here.
    • IPE screenshot example:

  • The evidence you provide as part of the import process or collected by integrations is automatically linked to the relevant control in the audit.

    • Click on "Upload" to complete the import process.

    If your files are valid, the people list will be successfully imported and the list will be pulled into the People page.
    • In case of any errors, click on "View Errors", make the necessary corrections, and try again.