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Forgot Password

How to change a forgotten password

Step 1

The user will click on the "Forgot Password?" button on the login screen.

Step 2

The user will enter the email address, which was used to initially register as a user, and then click on the "Send me an email" button. 

Step 3

A screen with a message will tell the user to check their email.
Resending the email will be possible via the help button.

Step 4

The user will receive an email and click on the link that appears in the email.

Step 5

The user will need to set a password according to the following rules:
Password must contain at least:
  • 10 characters
  • Lower case letters
  • Upper case letters
  • Number
  • Special character
  • The user needs to repeat the password, and click the “Change Password” button.
In the first click on the password field, a window with password rules will pop up. In case of a password that does not match the rules, the rules will open again with a red symbol. In case the repeat password is not the same an alert will appear.

Step 6

After clicking on the 'Change Password' button, the login page will appear with the “Changes have been successfully saved” notification.