Datadog - User Guide

In this article, you will understand step by step how to easily integrate with Datadog


Permissions for API actions are inherited from the creator of the key. Please use the Datadog Admin Role to create the API and Application keys. You can assign specific permissions to application keys. This ensures that the scope is limited, preventing full access to your account.

Permissions scope are:

  1. Monitors_read
  2. Metrics_read


  1. Log into your Datadog account as a Datadog Admin Role. This role should possess the necessary permissions to access the API keys section in Datadog and generate API and Application keys. These keys are required to establish Scytale's connection.
  2. Before connecting, make sure you have at least one monitor and one metric set up in Datadog for a seamless data collection experience.

Connecting Scytale & Datadog:

1. Create your DataDog Application Key and API Key

  1. In Datadog, Navigate to Organization Settings (at the bottom of the menu)
  2. Under access, click on API keys
  3. On the right corner click +New Key
  4. Choose a name for the API key for example: datadog-scytale

5. Click on "Copy Key"
6. Save this value, you'll need to paste it into Scytale's connection to integration

7. In the organization menu, under access select Application Keys

8. On the right corner click +New Key

9. Choose a name for the Application key for example: datadog-scytale

10. Click on 'Edit' under Scope and assign those permissions:

  1. Monitors_read
  2. Metrics_read

11. Click on "Copy" and then "Finish"

2. Connect Datadog in Scytale

1. Click on the "Integrations" menu screen to the left.
2. Click on the Connect button under the Datadog icon.
3. Now, paste the following details into the connection screen:

  1. API Key
  2. Application Key
  3. Select Site URL - Select your Datadog site by checking your Datadog website URL. To learn more about the Datadog site, follow this link:
  4. Connection name - Add a name for the connection
  5. Click on Connect


1. How can I verify my role in Datadog? (Personal settings)

2. How can I find my site URL? You can refer to this link, and identify which site you are on by matching your Datadog website URL to the site URL in the table below:

3. What if we use both cloud providers' solutions and Datadog for monitoring? In Scytale, it's not a problem. We have the flexibility to collect data from both solutions for the required evidence

4. Which Datadog modules are we monitoring as part of the integration with Datadog? We are monitoring Metrics and Monitors


If incorrect permissions have been granted in application keys, you will encounter this error.

How do we resolve this issue?

Revisit step 1, and ensure that at least 'Monitors_read' and 'Metrics_read' are selected in the application keys.