The dashboard (screenshot below) is an excellent tool that will provide you with an overview of the status of your compliance project. It gives you a graphical view of each major area of the compliance project. There are 5 areas that will be explained in more detail below:


The dashboard includes 5 boxes:

1. Link to Task Management - This will take you straight to the "To do" screen, where you can manage the tasks that were assigned to you. When all the tasks have been completed the button and illustration are removed.


2. Tasks - This metric will give you a view of open and completed tasks. Also, it provides you with a percentage of completed tasks. The pie chart will fill up as the percentage of completed tasks grow.

The "Completed Tasks By Owner" below the pie chart, gives a more detailed breakdown of open and completed tasks per owner. this list is sorted by the owner with the most open tasks. Only the first 4 owners will be displayed, as seen in the below screenshot:

3. Failed Metrics - This metric provides you with a view of all the failed evidence that was automatically obtained by the Scytale web app. Any pieces of evidence that were validated and failed, will be displayed here in this line chart.


4. Policies - This provides you with a status view of all the policies and the action that is required i.e. policies that needs to be reviewed or that needs to be signed off.


5. Audit - This metric provides you with a status overview of your controls. The total number of controls is displayed and then broken down as follows:

  • Pending stage - No evidence has been uploaded.

  • In progress - Some evidence has been uploaded e.g. Evidence for two out of four metrics has been uploaded.

  • Submitted - All evidence has been uploaded.

  • Approved - Once the auditor has reviewed the evidence and concludes that it is satisfactory to address the control, they will move the status to "approved".

A pie chart is also displayed to indicate the percentage of closed controls (submitted and approved status).

Also, you can change to a different framework (change from SOC 2 to ISO 27001) with the switch button to see the status.

Other audit details are also provided as follows:

  • Audit Period: The period for which the controls' operating effectiveness will be tested.

  • Auditor name: Who will be auditing your product.

  • Report Delivery: The date the auditor will release the report to you i.e. the date when the project ends.